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What's RWAs
RWAs stands for Real World Assets, which encompass real estate, infrastructure projects, commodities, natural resources, and other tangible assets.
RWAs have entered a phase of rapid growth, with an increasing number of investors and institutions recognizing the potential and value of RWAs. An undeniable trend currently observed is that traditional financial giants like Goldman Sachs, Hamilton Lane, and Siemens, alongside prominent DeFi protocols such as MakerDAO, Comp, and Aave, are actively positioning themselves in the RWAs space. This indicates the growing interest and competition in the RWAs market.
What's Merlin
  • A decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) based RWAs asset management protocol. This protocol will revolutionize the management and investment of RWAs assets, creating a more efficient and transparent ecosystem for asset management.
  • Our mission is to provide an open, secure, and trustworthy ecosystem for RWAs-based asset management. Whether you are an individual investor, an asset management institution, or a project initiator, Merlin Protocol will bring you greater opportunities and value.
RWAs Scenarios
BTC MiningThe global cryptocurrency mining market size is projected to increase from 92.657 billion US dollars in 2019 to 234.658 billion US dollars in 2027.
AI Computing PowerWith the continuous growth in AI computing demands, it is expected that by 2028, this figure will reach 246.51 billion US dollars (approximately 16.7 trillion Chinese Yuan), with a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 32.82%.
Carbon CreditsThe compliant market (emissions trading system) accounted for 17% of global greenhouse gas emissions in 2021, with the total carbon credit transaction value reaching 851 billion US dollars for that year.
OtherTokenized digital assets are expected to reach a value of 4 trillion to 5 trillion US dollars in markets such as quasi-sovereign bonds, financing and mortgage activities, as well as USD real estate funds.
Global Issuers Relationships
RWAs Foundation
The RWAs Foundation operates multiple RWAs Project Vaults through DAO governance mechanisms and a professional management team.
Merlin Bridge
Merlin Bridge is a cutting-edge decentralized protocol for cross-chain transactions between Bitcoin and Ethereum networks. It allows anyone to be a service provider, offering cross-chain channel services to users and earning fees. This fully decentralized protocol enables trustless cross-chain operations, eliminating the need for intermediaries.
Merlin Bitcoin
Merlin Bitcoin (MBTC) is a Bitcoin-backed stablecoin minted through Merlin Bridge. It maintains a 1:1 peg to Bitcoin using smart contracts and oracle technology, ensuring value stability and trustworthiness. Its on-chain over-collateralization mechanism effectively safeguards user funds.
Contributor to the open source project LibBitcoin
Core developer of a pioneering public blockchain project in 2016
P2P network architect and lead developer of a top video streaming provider
Founder and key developer of a distributed computing and storage service
5+ years of blockchain development experience
Contributor to several open-source projects
Diversified research experience in NLP Algorithms, Deep Learning, Simulations, Distributed Systems and Data Science
Graduated from Academy of Space Technology, Tsinghua University.
Former investment banker and active blockchain investor with more than 8 years of financial services experience
Specialized in industrial and financial technology coverage at a top-tier investment bank
Previous work in equity portfolio management as an asset manager
Holds an MBA from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania and a BS in Finance from the University at Buffalo (SUNY)
Former WANXIANG blockchain ecological and active blockchain investor with more than 5 years of blockchain experience
Former core team member and consultant in multiple public blockchain, Dapp, DeFi and NFT projects.
Former equity research and quantitative strategist at a top 10 global hedge fund
Former vice president at JP Morgan in the NYC
Finance and Information System Management graduate from Northeastern University
Worked at China's top securities firms such as CICC and HTSC with a focus on product structuring
Early investor in numerous star blockchain projects
Possesses a BS in Physics at PKU and is currently a Master of Finance candidate at SJTU
CFA Charterholder.