Merlin Protocol
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Potential Increase of the DeFi Market with RWAs: $100 Billion +
Narrative protagonist of the next round of crypto bull market.
Real world assets (RWAs) into the decentralized world is an important growth point for the crypto market explode. - Vitalik Buterin
  • Focused on the issuance of Asset-Backed NFTs and thier matching transactions;
  • Expanded ERC-721 that the Asset-Backed NFTs can be convenient tointeract with other NFT-Fi protocols;
  • Im-plements a liquidity leasing protocol based on Automated MarketMaker (AMM) to automatically match leasing orders.
Lease MarketMerlin Lease Pool is an application of the decentralized Lease protocol, which provides a public rental liquidity Pool to the market. Renters and tenants interact with the pool for leasing orders. Dynamic rents are generated in real-time by calculating the supply-demand relationship in the pool, and renters share the rental income generated by the pool.
Hash NFTThe Hash NFT is the first product that combines bitcoin mining investment and NFT. The holder is able to directly participate in bitcoin mining and NFT investment in the same time and enjoy the return for both.
Mining Rewards OracleMining Rewards Oracle (MRO) uses the strategy of multi-node acquisition and distributed submission to input the data of the top 10 Mining pools in the Bitcoin network on smart contract. MRO provides interface to builders, that builders are able to design and develop computing power relative derivatives based on MRO.
Wrapped NFTWrapped NFT (WNFT) is a wrapped version of ERC-721. The holder locked the NFT in the dApp, and the dApp will issue the unique WNFT to the holder. WNFT supports the latest features of ERC-4907, WNFT holders can participate in more Defi protocol to obtain benefits. If the holder destroys the WNFT in the dApp, the original NFT will unlock and return it to the original holder.
Global Issuers Relationships
Merlin Rewards Oracle(MRO)
Drive the execution of smart contracts based on the input and output of the real world data;
MRO prices assets based the weighted average data of specific issuers and the multi-node collected and distributed on chain data;
MRO provides interfaces for developers to design and develop related derivatives.
Risk control Smart Contract:
Merlin risk control smart contract provides real-time automated executions include:
Fund Releasing - Meet healthy Oracle Output evaluation;
Hedging option triggers, Asset Retention, Insurance Pool Activation, etc. – Under ex treme circumstances occurs
Decentralized Lease protocol:
Integrated with ECR-4907, and take the lease commission;
Modeled to generate dynamiclease rent in real time according to supply-demand dynamics of the market;
Providing more liquidity than the order leasing system.
ERC-721 Editions Standard- EthereumImprovement Proposals:
Merlin proposes a list of additional features based on ERC-721 to help implement Asset-Backed NFTs state management,
which has been applying to the Ethereum Foundation for an EIP.
Seed-round raised
Compliance framework of Bitcoin mining income custody
Product features completed
The Bitcoin Rewards Oracle
The Hash Power Standardization Protocol
The Decentralized commission mechanism
NFT-721 and NFT-4907 integration service
Launching Merlin Protocol Lease Pool
Smart contract mechanism based leasing service
Lease liquidity mining commencing
Managed the issuance, settlement and risk control of Hash NFT through DAO
Contributor to the open source project LibBitcoin
Core developer of a pioneering public blockchain project in 2016
P2P network architect and lead developer of a top video streaming provider
Founder and key developer of a distributed computing and storage service
5+ years of blockchain development experience
Contributor to several open-source projects
Diversified research experience in NLP Algorithms, Deep Learning, Simulations, Distributed Systems and Data Science
Graduated from Academy of Space Technology, Tsinghua University.
Former investment banker and active blockchain investor with more than 8 years of financial services experience
Specialized in industrial and financial technology coverage at a top-tier investment bank
Previous work in equity portfolio management as an asset manager
Holds an MBA from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania and a BS in Finance from the University at Buffalo (SUNY)
Former WANXIANG blockchain ecological and active blockchain investor with more than 5 years of blockchain experience
Former core team member and consultant in multiple public blockchain, Dapp, DeFi and NFT projects.
Former equity research and quantitative strategist at a top 10 global hedge fund
Former vice president at JP Morgan in the NYC
Finance and Information System Management graduate from Northeastern University
Worked at China's top securities firms such as CICC and HTSC with a focus on product structuring
Early investor in numerous star blockchain projects
Possesses a BS in Physics at PKU and is currently a Master of Finance candidate at SJTU
CFA Charterholder.